Buddhist Hell Garden

Wan Saen Suk Hell Garden (วังแสนสุขสวนนรก)

Halloween is coming, and I couldn’t helped but wonder about my trip to the Hell Garden, at Wang Saen Suk in Baang Saen. The Hell Garden is the Thai Buddhist version of Hell, and I had wanted to visit the place for many years. This place is fascinating, and somewhat, left me feeling a little frightened, disturbed and terrified.


Welcome to the Beginning of Hell (ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่จุดเริ่มต้นของแดนนรก).

When I was a child I was constantly reminded that Hell is real. It is a place where Jao-Gam (sinners – เจ้ากรรม – lit. “the owner of sin”) go to be punished by Yom-ma-baan (ยมบาล), the hell keepers who will torment the condemned immortal souls according to the orders of Phra-Yom (พระยม) – the God of Hell and Death.


All sinners are brought before Pra-Yom (พระยม) after death for judgement.

Phra-Yom (พระยม)

Phra-Yom (พระยม) is the God of Hell and Death and all Jao-Gam (sinners) are brought before him after death by the hell keepers for judgement. It is a Buddhist belief that Hell has eight levels, which level the Jao-Gam (sinners) are condemned to spend their future existence in, as well as the duration of punishment depends on the frequency and the severity of the sins committed in their previous state of existence.

And inside the Hell Garden displayed statues of the condemned immortal souls being tortured and punished for various Gam (sins – กรรม). In Hell, these condemned immortal souls are known as Sart Na-Lok (สัตว์นรก – Animal of Hell).

And since the Buddhists believed in immortal soul, it is the belief that these Sart Na-Rok (สัตว์นรก – Animal of Hell) will be conscious in death as they are in live. They will feel the pain and scream in agony as they are punished and confined in Hell.

I have taken several pictures during my visit….


A woman who had an abortion is suffering the same torment over and over again in Hell.

Various Sins and Corresponding Punishment

Bpread (เปรต)

As you enter the Gate of Hell, you are immediately greeted by the creatures shown in the picture above…these creatures are known as Bpraed (เปรต). These are immortal souls that have been condemned to continue their existence, in Hell, as Bpraed (เปรต).

There are two types of Bpraed(เปรต) – the first being the ones you can see in the picture above. This is a result of Gam (กรรม – sins) committed from treating noble people badly.


Those who committed adultery are condemned to climb a tree full of spikes.

The other type of Bpraed (เปรต) has a mouth as small as a needle hole with big hands and feet, a result of Gam (กรรม – sins) committed from constantly rebellion against parents, attacking or otherwise disrespecting toward parents. These Bpraed (เปรต) are fatigued immortal souls with hunger and thirst as they cannot eat or drink.

Adultery (การผิดประเวณี – garn-phid-bpra-way-nee)

Those who have violated the marriage bed and committed adultery are condemned to climb a tree full of spikes, as they are attacked by birds, animals, reptiles, mosquitoes, lice, worms, flies and Yom-ma-baan (ยมบาล), the hell keepers.


Those who cooked animals in boiling water while still alive is to be cooked alive in boiling hot copper.

Murderers (ผู้ร้ายฆ่าคนตายโดยเจตนา – phoo-raai kaa kon dtaai doy jade-dta-naa)

Those immortal souls who have committed premeditated killing or unjust killing of another life, including human beings and animals are condemned to suffering the same sinful acts in Hell, as those sinful acts become their own tormentors.

Drunkenness (ความมึนเมา – kwaam-meun-mao)

Those immortal souls who frequently consumed addictive substances, gambling and indulging in the nightlife, the hell keepers will stand on their chests and force them to drink molten hot copper.


Those who indulged in intoxicating substances are forced to drink molten copper.

Thefts, Deceit, Lying and Extortion (การโกหกหลอกหลวง)

Those immortal souls who have forced extraction of money, sex, things, by manipulation or any dishonesty of any kind such as stealing, the unlawful taking of anything material, intellectual, etc. are pierced with sharp spears.


Those who steal, cheated, lied or taken possessions for one’s own are pierced with sharp spears.

These are only some of the sins and punishment that gave me goose bumps. There are many more to be seen inside this Hell Garden. So, why not schedule this place into your next visit to the Land of Smile.

Where do the immortal souls go after Hell

The Buddhist, however, believe that time in Hell is only temporary; and after the punishment is over, the immortal souls are reborn as lower or higher beings as per their Bun-Gut-Sun (บุญกุศล – merits).

Sa-Wan (สวรรค์)

Those who devoted to charitable work are spared the justice of Phra-Yom (พระยม)’s court. Only these, very virtuous immortal souls are taken directly to Sa-Wan (Heaven – สวรรค์) to live among Thape (เทพ – Gods) and Theo-Wa-Daa (เทวดา – Angles).

And to get to Sa-Wan (Heaven – สวรรค์) one must make Bun-Gut-Sun (บุญกุศล – merits), so make sure to visit a temple and Tha-Waai Sang-Ga-Thaan (ถวายสังฑทาน). This is considered to be the biggest merit one can make while living as human beings.