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TLT-UK Tuition Fees.


Speak, Listen, Read and Write Thai Language Courses in UK
“All Thai language schools and tutors have their own particular character and teaching method – so it is important that you choose the one that is right for you, and I am delighted that you are exploring the learning opportunities available at Thai Language Tuition UK.”

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There are different hourly rates for tuition depending on circumstances. Please check out the list below or contact me for more information on 07854628976.

Course Registration of £60 includes:

  • One-to-One Induction Session
  • Initial Assessment Report
  • Course and Individual Learning Plans
  • Student Workbook
  • Classroom Learning Exercises
  • Homework Assignments
  • Regular Progress Assessment
  • End of Course Examination Papers
  • End of Course Certificate
  • Private Tuition let you focus on your specific language needs and are designed to meet your requirements and will help you achieve your learning goals effectively and quickly. The tuition fees are as below:

  • One-to-One – £20 per hour
  • One-to-Two – £30 per hour
  • One-to-Three – £40 per hour
  • One-to-Four – £50 per hour
  • Pre-Arranged Classes give you the opportunity to get a personalised teaching and learning for half the rate of the private tuition. The duration of these pre-arranged classes is 2 hours long. The tuition fee per person per 2-hour session is:

  • per person per session – £20 per hour
  • Please contact me for a quote.

    Corporate Thai Language Training is often bespoke and tailored for the individual client.This means I have to design a course that meet your business needs; taking into account both the needs of the organisation as well as the needs of the employees.

    You will be required to purchase a workbook appropriate after you have completed the level which you originally registered for. Below are the prices:

  • Workbook Level A1 (Beginner) – £35 per copy
  • Workbook Level A2 (Elementary) – £35 per copy
  • Workbook Level B1 (Pre-Intermediate) – £35 per copy
  • Workbook Level B2 (Intermediate) – £45 per copy
  • Workbook Level C1 (Higher Intermediate) – £45 per copy
  • Workbook Level C2 (Advanced) – £45 per copy
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