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“All Thai language schools and tutors have their own particular character and teaching method – so it is important that you choose the one that is right for you, and I am delighted that you are exploring the learning opportunities available at Thai Language Tuition UK. On this website, I have sought to provide you with information about course offerings, teaching and learning methods and some key important information that you will need to know prior to starting your course as well as during your time as a student at Thai Language Tuition UK with me. I hope that you will choose to join me at Thai Language Tuition UK, and that after your time here you will not only join the group of students whose minds have been broadened, whose affection for Thailand is indelible and who have formed friendships that last a lifetime. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you to your first step towards Thai language fluency!”

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Conversational Thai
Language Courses

These courses focus on speaking and listening skills for communication purposes as well as to gain confidence in speaking Thai and to increase fluency.

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Reading and Writing Thai
Language Courses

These courses designed to equip students with the phonic knowledge and skills they need to become proficient readers and writers in Thai.

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English for Speakers of Thai
Language Courses

These courses are designed for any Thai clients striving to improve their skills and knowledge of the English language in all four main areas.

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TLT-UK Recent News


Thai Word of the Day: “geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด)

“geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด) can be used in the following ways: adjective: is overdue The adjective “geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด) is used for saying... Read More →

Thai Word of the Day: “jay-ra-jaa” (เจรจา)

“jay-ra-jaa” (เจรจา) can be used in the following ways: verb: to negotiate The verb “jay-ra-jaa” (เจรจา) is used for saying... Read More →

Learning Delivery Formats

Thai Language Tuition UK offers Thai language learning solutions cater to all learning styles and needs of the individual learner as well as your organisation. Please choose from the following learning delivery formats:

  • Private Online Tuition via Skype
  • Weekly Pre-Arranged Online Group Classes via Skype

For Corporate Thai Language Training, please contact me to discuss your organisational teaching and learning requirements, and a quote.

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