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TLT-UK Introductory Session.


Teaching and learning a language is a long-term commitment

“A Free No Obligation One-to-One Introductory Session is offered to all prospective clients in order to allow you to get all the facts before making a final decision whether to register for a course at Thai Language Tuition UK. Please contact me to arrange your free session.”

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In order to attend a class at Thai Language Tuition UK, you must first book a Free No Obligation One-to-One Introductory Session using an online booking form. Once your booking form is received, I will contact you to confirm the date and time for your One-to-One Introductory Session. Alternatively, you can contact me directly on 07854 628976 to arrange a suitable day and time.

The One-to-One Introductory Session is designed to offer prospective students the opportunity to speak with me and gain a real insight into the teaching and learning experience at Thai Language Tuition UK.

At the One-to-One Introductory Session, I aim to:

  • Discuss your learning needs
  • Identify your current language level
  • Advise you of classes available
  • Provide you with necessary information
  • Conduct a 30-minutes lesson

If you wish to register for a course at the end of the One-to-One Introductory Session, you will be asked to:

  • Complete all the necessary paperwork
  • Confirm the day and time of weekly tuition
  • Pay the course registration fee of £60
  • Pay the tuition fee equivalent to one session

Once the payment is received, I will:

  • Allocate the day and time of weekly tuition
  • Provide you with the Student Workbook

The registration fee is non-refundable once the necessary information is provided and a place has been allocated for you on a course. You are also expected to attend the classes which you register. Failure to attend will result in being dropped from the class. Please read the Tutoring Agreement page before booking your Free No Obligation One-to-One Introductory Session.

Important Notice:

Thai Language Tuition UK is not an accredited college and by taking the English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses with me will not present you with recognized qualifications required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your visa application. Thai Language Tuition UK aimed only to help and prepare clients for the exams or test through tutoring sessions.

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