Thai Vocabulary: Adjectives (คำคุณศัพท์ – Module Two)

Adjectives (kam-khun-na-sap)

An adjective is a describing word. It describes a noun by telling us something about it. It tells us about the size, colour, quantity, material, type and the origin (e.g. yellow, red, thin, big, small, beautiful, handsome, delicious, English, Thai, Norway, soft, hard, etc.)

Here are the adjectives from the Module Two in your Student Workbook Level A1

– sa-bai-dee (สบายดี) = is fine / is in good health

– sa-bai (สบาย) = is comfortable

– yin-dee (ยินดี) = is pleased to (do something)

– mai sa-bai (ไม่สบาย) = is not well / is feeling unwell

– bpuay (ป่วย) = is ill / is sick

– gaw reuay-reuay (ก็เรื้อยๆ) = well, so-so / okay

– mai (ใหม่) = is new (l.)

– dee (ดี) = is good

– nee (นี้) = this

– naa (หน้า) = next (f.)

– thee-laeo (ที่แล้ว) = last / ago (adv.)