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TLT-UK Assessment Methods.


Assessments for Thai language learners are needed for effective teaching and learning 

“Frequent assessments for Thai language learners and feedback are essential not only for students to gain insight into their learning and their understanding, but also serves as a guide to help me monitor and continuously improve the quality of the teaching and learning programmes being offered.”

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The ongoing progress is monitored using informal assessments. These informal assessments allow me to target students’ specific problem areas, adapt teaching instruction, and intervene earlier rather than later. Each of these assessments will take place soon after you have completed a topic to assess your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to gain insight into your learning and your understanding of the course content. There are two common assessment methods:

Performance-Based Assessments are based on classroom instruction and activities which designed to focus on assessing speaking, listening and comprehension skills. These classroom activities may include:

  • Role playing
  • Debating and giving opinions
  • Retelling stories or events
  • Telling a story using pictures
  • Completing dialogue or conversation through written prompts
  • Brainstorming exercises

Portfolio Assessments are based on completing homework assignments which designed to focus on assessing vocabulary knowledge, grammar and language structures comprehension. These homework assignments may include:

  • Writing a short essay or story
  • Providing descriptions
  • Completing exercise sheets
  • Translating

The homework assignments will generally be assessed with the mark in order to determine your final language level at the end of each semester, and these marks will also contribute to your overall examination result at the end of the course.

End of Course Examination for each level is normally 2 hours long and consists of the following modules:

  • Listening and Comprehension Test
  • Grammar and Language Structures Test
  • Speaking Test
  • Reading and Writing Test (optional)

Certificate is awarded to students who have produced satisfactory work throughout the course and have passed a minimum of 60% of the total numbers of modules forming an examination set. There are two two grades available:

  • Grade A: 80% – 100%
  • Grade B: 60% – 79%

The Certificate is designed to not only to motivate you by recognising the great things you do, but also how much I appreciate your effort!

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