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TLT-UK Teaching Methods.


Being able to immediately use what has been learned is the motivation behind the TLT-UK teaching approach!

“I believe that by actively engaging students will not only motivates deeper thinking about course content, but also brings additional energy to a classroom as well as helps me pin point any problem areas that students may have. And for these reasons, every student is encourage practice, learn and apply!”

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Important Notice:

Thai Language Tuition UK is not an accredited college and by taking the English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses with me will not present you with recognized qualifications required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your visa application. Thai Language Tuition UK aimed only to help and prepare clients for the exams or test through tutoring sessions.

Every student is provided with a workbook related to their level. The workbook for each level is written by me and designed to give clear and concise explanations of the grammar rules and illustrates them with numerous examples. Each new study topic adds to the knowledge you have already gained, so that you can quickly be able to handle a wide variety of everyday situations.

Each topic learned is compliment by the following teaching and learning structures inside the classroom:

  • Grammar Drill Exercises  –  to develop the ability to structure sentences and communicate accurately
  • Interactive Oral Practice Sessions  –  to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporate new vocabulary, as well as manipulating more complex language structures
  • Topic Discussion  –  to develop comprehension skills
  • Listening Exercises  –  to sharpen comprehension skill, improve the pronunciation and increase the ability to think in your chosen target language

Homework assignments are also given regularly in order to encourage independent study, using Thai Language Tuition UK workbooks and will be marked or corrected appropriately in class. This may consists of written exercises, completing work started in the classroom or researching information.

It is important that students are motivated by a concrete goal, be it personal or professional. Therefore, as a Thai Language Tuition UK student, you will have agreed course targets and personal targets from the beginning of the course onwards.

The progress towards these targets must be achieved in a reasonable time frame and will be closely monitored in class during your classroom interaction throughout the course in order to develop and create solid foundations in the following areas:

  • Speaking and Pronunciation
  • Listening and Comprehension
  • Grammar and Language Structures
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
  • Reading and Writing (optional)

Please remember that these aspects cannot be managed by any teaching solution alone, no matter how efficient. The commitment to spend time studying and practicing what you have learned outside of classroom and tuition hours will be necessary if you want to get the most out of your study and make quicker progress.

Please check out the TLT-UK Assessment Methods to learn how I plan to achieve these target. Alternatively, book a Free Introductory Session to meet with me in order to discuss your personal teaching and requirements.

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