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Below are some of the feedback I have received:

Student Testimonials

After having spent several years teaching Thai language to clients from a broad range of industries and sectors, I have personally seen amazing transition from the time they started until they finished. At times, there has been a need to think on my feet and use my initiative to come up with different methodologies to tackle different individual’s needs. But the amount of dedication and great feedback which I have had from them has made it all worthwhile.

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Important Notice:

Thai Language Tuition UK is not an accredited college and by taking the English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses with me will not present you with recognized qualifications required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your visa application. Thai Language Tuition UK aimed only to help and prepare clients for the exams or test through tutoring sessions.

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I began studying Thai ahead of moving to Thailand permanently. My company arranged for my lessons with Li. I studied each day, and in total I had more than 200 hours one-to-one tuition with Li, concentrating on speaking Thai as opposed to reading and writing. The first three months were tough. Li pushes you hard to get the basics, and the self-study and homework are critical if you are to progress. But it was after I visited Thailand for the first time that I realized Li had known exactly what she was doing in those though first three months. I found that I could speak and be understood in everyday situations, and was surprised how much I could understand of what was said to me, and what was going on around me. My wife was amazed! The rest of the study with Li was really enjoyable, and I am now living and working in Thailand. So if you are a serious student and want to learn Thai, then Li is the teacher for you.

Jon, Liverpool

I have been learning with Li for a few years now and it’s the longest I’ve stuck at anything educational…which is a good sign for me 😉…never a boring moment in the lesson. I only do 1 lesson per week with homework which I do in my own time during the week. Everything is well explained and a well presented learning pack which makes it easier to understand the structure of the language. Learning on Skype now due to covid but just as good as a face to face lesson. Would definitely recommend.

Paul Marsh, Wigan

I have been learning the Thai language with Li for about 2.5 years, from day one Li has made everything very easy, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced conversations, apart from learning to speak Thai, I also learn to read and write Thai. Li makes learning fun and enjoyable and speaks at a pace for each individual learner as they progress, discussing various topics and repeating what we have learned, so as to make it feel like everyday language. I can highly recommend Li to anyone wishing to start their Thai Language Journey.

Craig Murtagh, Yorkshire

I am 67 years old and I intend to retire to Thailand. So last year I decided to learn the Thai language . I have had tuition from li for the last six months, it’s not the easiest language to learn and at my age it takes longer to sink in. But li is a fantastic teacher she has a great sense of humour and she makes learning a lot of fun but at the same time she is very serious about the language. I look forward to my lesson every week, I may be slow at taking it in but li has all the patients in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher

Tom Bamford, Stockport

I love everything Thai, the food, the weather, the country, the culture, the women 😉 and also the language. I have always enjoyed learning new languages and after so many trips to Thailand I thought it was about time that I started to ‘rian paasah Thai’ (study Thai). Living in Manchester there are not very many options available to do this but one I found was Thai Language Tuition UK and Khru Li. I emailed Li to explain I was a beginner and to give her a rough outline of what i was looking to achieve, and we arranged a time for an introductory lesson, a lesson that was free and with no obligations. As I work Monday to Friday Li arranged this for a Saturday dinner time for me. Upon arriving I was greeted with a big smile and a warm ‘ Sa wat dee kaa’. The 1 hour free introductory lesson quickly became 90 minutes and I walked away feeling that I had learned more in 90 minutes than I had in the previous 12 years and 10+ visits to Thailand. I immediately signed on a course with weekly lessons and I have not looked back since. In the past 5 weeks my Thai vocabulary has expanded massively, as has my ability to construct sentences and understand what is being said to me. Li teaches you things you need to know, and very quickly has you talking in Thai and building simple conversations which would take place in the real world. This isn’t just simple textbook learning, although there is a textbook to accompany the course, a very well written one with clear and concise explanations in Thai script, English script and a Romanized phonetic script explaining how to say the words. Every week my lesson flies by as real-life situations are role played and Li develops the conversation spontaneously, adding new words and ideas to the mix, be it learning the colours to buy a shirt at a market stall, or learning how to tell the time to make a dinner reservation. Lessons are enjoyable and rewarding, but most importantly you can see a very obvious improvement. For anyone wanting to learn Thai, be it spoken, written or in its’ entirety then i would not hesitate to recommend Thai Language Tuition UK and Khru Li as she really is a fantastic teacher, and I have seen massive improvement in my ability since I have been studying with her. I’m off to Thailand again in two weeks and I am looking forward to practicing some of my new and improved Thai when I’m out there. Phom sanook rian paasah Thai gap Khru Li. Ter bpen yiam. Khawp jai.

Andy Brogan, Manchester

I have been studying Thai language with Li for about six months or so now, when I started I didn’t know a word of Thai nothing but now I can put sentences together, Li has a lot of patience she needs to with me and there’s no pressure put on you, sometime Li will ask me something I will look at her with blank stare she knows I know what she has asked me but I can’t get it to register in my head then with a nudge I gather my thoughts answer her then we laugh so you need not to get stressed out as she doesn’t teach in that manner, Li as given me a large print out of material to study and as the web site, I have been to Thailand and find the Thai people out there just as friendly as my tutor Li, so come and join the pupils of Li, excellent work Li

Ged Rothwell, Oldham

I hated learning languages in school and struggled to take in any new information. Li was so patient and made it so much fun that I continued past basic thai and hope to one day be fluent. Chan chawb rian pha-sa Thai.

Hannah Booth, Wigan

Being able to speak multiple languages is such an amazing thing! I’ve got to say, trying to learn another language is literally one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to do. There are no short cuts! It just takes a lot of hard work and persistence! You’re a great Teacher Li! x 

Alec Turton, Salford

Li is the owner and teacher of Thai language tuition at which my partner and I have been attending classes at her home classroom, situated in her conservatory and set up like an informal school classroom providing a very nice environment to learn in, for the past 6 weeks. She is friendly, funny, professional and enthusiastic; as complete beginners we have been made to feel extremely welcome and at ease and not afraid to ask any questions no matter how silly they may seem. The business side of Li’s classes is very professional and the price is extremely reasonable. Thank you so much, we look forward to continuing to learn this amazing language. 

Kenny Ainsworth, Salford

I have been studying Thai language with Li for nearly two years now. When I first started, although I knew several Thai words I couldn’t structure any sentences. Li taught me the basic grammatical rules and I now able to hold a conversation with my Thai family and friends. Studying with Li is fun, but she is very serious and passionate about teaching. Studying Thai language is very hard, but the more you get into it the easier it becomes. Li has given me plenty of studying materials to work at my own pace because I have had to take a short break from attending lessons in October, due to work commitment. So, while away from the classroom I will continue to work on them over the next couple of months. Thank you Li and see you in February.

Steve Watson, Stockport

I have been studying Thai for three years. I really didn’t think I would be able to learn it. Sometimes it is very tough going. But Li’s patience and understanding has enabled me to keep going and get over each stumbling block. Li understands the many challenges involved in learning a new language and teaches accordingly. I am very proud of my achievements in learning Thai and thoroughly enjoy my lessons.

Learning Tips: I have compiled my own mini dictionary of Thai words from my lessons and course work.

Mary Evans, Liverpool
Mary Evans

I started to learn Thai after I went to Bangkok in July 2013.  Li had broken it down to the very basic to help me understand how sentences are structured before teaching me words.  I have learned more through learning with Li than I did in school learning French for 5 years. Although, my memory can be a little unpredictable at times, Li is very patient and will go through the topic again or give hints to help kick start what is hidden in the back of my mind. I had a serious accident at work and Li made sure I’d learned before moving on.  Li has become a good friend who I can confide in and I think vice versa.  Her learning techniques have helped me do what I thought was impossible….learn a new language!  Thank you.

Hannah Booth, Wigan

I have been studying with Li for approximately twelve months, at first having one hour per week before increasing to two hours in October. I can honestly say that every lesson is enjoyable and I always learn. Li pushes you to learn but at a pace she knows you can handle. I am now at a level where I can speak with my girlfriend in Thai every day and continue to improve each week. Li is an excellent teacher as well as a nice person and I highly recommend her. Thank you.

Matthew, Bury

I have been studying Thai language for 2 years now.  I enjoy learning Thai language with Li.  She is a patient teacher.  The classes are fun to attend.  I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn Thai language to have lessons with Li.

Lorraine Gregory, Hindley

I just wanted to say “thank you” for all the work you did with my wife over the past few months. Both of us have notice the difference in her speaking, writing, grammar, and overall confidence with her English. Your private tuition service was completely professional, and my wife has now passed the Life in the UK test. Thank you so much, from both of us.

Ying & Paul, Manchester

I have been studying Thai with Li for almost two years now. Her teaching method is fun, but at the same time very professional. She is patient and doesn’t mind explanining until I get it right. I would highly recommend Li as a Thai language teacher.

Les, Stockport

I’ve been learning Thai with Li for about 2 months now, it is a hard language to learn but Li is very patient and understanding when i get it wrong. Also she is very supportive, if i think i’ve not done too well at my lesson, she always lifts my spirits. I agree that you have to put the effort in yourself also and that’s what i do and if i dont understand something Li is only a phone call away.She has a good sense of humour like myself and that makes my lessons very enjoyable, I would recommend Li to anyone wishing to study Thai.

Carol, Hindley

I’ve been studying Thai with Li Morrissey for eight months now, I’ve really enjoyed every lesson and made great progress in learning to speak the Thai language. I went to Thailand after about 10 weeks of studying and was able to use what I’d learnt to good effect, which was really satisfying. I’m going again soon and feel even more confident about using what I’ve learned, understanding native Thai speakers and being understood. Learning a new language, especially a quite difficult one like Thai is not easy and you do have to put the effort in if you want to get on. It’s not just about turning up to the lessons, you have to make sure you study and practice and do your homework at home too. Li will know if you haven’t! The lessons are fun and Li is a very patient and helpful tutor with a great sense of humour. She makes it easy to learn in a comfortable and relaxed learning atmosphere. 

Barry, Atherton

We found Li to be an excellent teacher. She was very personable and had a good sense of humour. Her method of teaching the material was fun and easy to understand. Highly recommended! Thanks.

Jayne, Oldham

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