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Good attendance contributes significantly to the successful completion of your chosen language course

“It is important to understand that you are responsible for your own learning and you share responsibility for ensuring that you achieve the outcomes of your course. Regular attendance and a strong commitment toward independent study will promote these processes.”

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Important Notice:

Thai Language Tuition UK is not an accredited college and by taking the English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses with me will not present you with recognized qualifications required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your visa application. Thai Language Tuition UK aimed only to help and prepare clients for the exams or test through tutoring sessions.

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Whether you are learning for your new career in Thailand, for travel or just for fun, Thai Language Tuition UK have a course for you. All of the courses are designed to help you communicate more effectively and confidently in everyday situations as well as in professional life, while living and staying in Thailand.

The TLT-UK Courses have been designed to help increase your confidence and ability when communicating. The lessons include plenty of opportunities for you to use the language. Classroom activities include role-play, dicussion and translation work in order to help you build on your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The TLT-UK Workbooks have been written by me and designed specifically to improve our students’ language skills. There are six levels of workbooks ranging from beginner to advanced (Level A1 – Level C1 based on the Common European for Framework of Languages).

Each workbook gives clear and concise explanations of the grammar rules and illustrates them with numerous examples. Each new study topic adds to the knowledge you have already gained, so that you can quickly be able to handle a wide variety of everyday situations.

Conversational Thai Language Courses is a teaching and learning programme that focuses on speaking and listening skills for communicative purposes, covering grammar and structures, vocabulary knowledge, word-building and expressions, as well as speed of reaction in order to gain confidence in speaking and to increase fluency. Students will develop these skills through lecture and note-taking, formal and informal conversations, group discussions, and speaking activities.

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Reading and Writing Thai Language Courses is a teaching and learning programme that focuses on phonics knowledge for communicative purposes through written text, so that students can communicate their ideas and emotions to others through writing and through reading, others can communicate with them. The course covers Thai language writing system, the alphabet, class of consonants, short- and long-vowels, tone marks and tone rules for each class of consonant both with and without tone marks.

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English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses is a teaching and learning programme that especially designed for any Thai clients striving to improve their skills and knowledge of the English language in the following areas: reading and writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. The Citizenship content can also be included in the course if the clients wish to be fully prepared for the Life in the UK Test at one of the UK accredited centres.

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