Practise and Improve Your Thai Pronunciation Set One


Let’s practise these Thai words together!

Learning to pronounce Thai words correctly can be one of the hardest parts of learning Thai language. There are some words that are really difficult to tell them apart when you are listening. But the better you get at hearing the difference, the better you will become at pronouncing them.

I have put together some Thai words that my students find most difficult to pronounce; or to tell them apart because they sound very similar. Every word comes with audio sound, so you can learn to listen, repeat and practise. I hope you will find them helpful.

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kaao (ขาว) (rising tone) = white

kaao (ข่าว) (low tone) = news

kaao (ข้าว) (falling tone) = rice

kao (เขา) (rising tone) = He / him

kao (เข่า) (low tone) = knee

kao (เข้า) (falling tone) = to enter

mai? (ไหม) (rising tone) = or not?

mai (ใหม่) (low tone) = is new

mai (ไม่) (falling tone) = is new

maa (มา) (mid tone) = to come

maa (ม้า) (high tone) = horse

maa (หมา) (rising tone) = dog

ngaan (งาน) (low tone) = work

ngeuhn (เงิน) (mid tone) = money

see (สี) (rising tone) = colour

see (สี่) (low tone) = four

phaw (พอ) (mid tone) = is enough

phaw (พ่อ) (falling tone) = father

glai (ไกล) (mid tone) = is far

glai (ไกล้) (falling tone) = is near / is close

yaak (อยาก) (low tone) = to want / to take

yaak (ยาก) (falling tone) = is difficult

kaa (ค่า) (falling tone) = value of (something) (kaa + noun)

kaa (ค้า) (high tone) = to trade / to deal / to buy and sell

kaa (ขา) (rising tone) = leg

lae (เละ) (low tone) = is mushy / is sloppy

lae (และ) (low tone) = and

lek (เล็ก) (high tone) = is small

ja (จะ) (low tone) = will / going to

jaak (จาก) (falling tone) = from

Li Morrissey
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK