Practise and Improve Your Thai Pronunciation Set Two


Let’s practise these Thai words together!

Learning to pronounce Thai words correctly can be one of the hardest parts of learning Thai language. There are some words that are really difficult to tell them apart when you are listening. But the better you get at hearing the difference, the better you will become at pronouncing them.

I have put together another set of Thai words for you to listen, repeat and practice. I hope you will find them helpful and happy learning everyone.

For set one please click here.

bpai (ไป) (mid tone) = to go

baai (บ่าย) (low tone) = afternoon

tham (ทำ) (high tone) = to do / to make

thaam (ถาม) (rising tone) = to ask

chang (ช่าง) (falling tone) = technician

chang (ช้าง) (high tone) = elephant

suay (สวย) (rising tone) = is beautiful

suay (ซวย) (mid tone) = is jinxed

chao (เช่า) (falling tone) = to rent

chao (เช้า) (high tone) = morning

sawng (สอง) (rising tone) = two

sawng (ซอง) (mid tone) = packet / sachet

kon (คน) (mid tone) = person

kon (ขน) (rising tone) = hair (on body) / fur / to transport / to ship

khun (คุณ) (mid tone) = you

kun (ขุ่น) (low tone) = is muddy / is turbid

keuy (เคย) (mid tone) = ever / used to (do something)

kui (คุย) (low tone) = to chat

keun (ขึ้น) (falling tone) = to get on

keun (คืน) (mid tone) = night / to return (something to someone)

keun (ขืน) (rising tone) = to resist

kap (ขับ) (low tone) = to drive

kap (คับ) (high tone) = is tight

yung (ยุง) (mid tone) = mosquito

yung (ยุ่ง) (falling tone) = is busy

yaa (ยา) (mid tone) = medicine

yaa (ย่า) (falling tone) = grandmother

yaa (หญ้า) (falling tone) = grass

yaa (อย่า) (low tone) = Do not (for instruction)

yaa (หย่า) (low tone) = to divorce

phed (เผ็ด) (low tone) = is spicy

bped (เป็ด) (low tone) = duck

phid (ผิด) (low tone) = is wrong

bpid (ปิด) (low tone) = to close

Li Morrissey
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK