Thai Vocabulary Resource: Activities in the Garden

Here is a list of verbs related to activities in the garden.

tham suan (ทำสวน) = to garden / gardening
kud (ขุด) = to dig
thaang (ถาง) = to clear (by digging up or raking up)
dtad (ตัด) = to cut
bpluuk (ปลูก) = to plant / to grow
rod-naam (รดน้ำ) = to water
gwaad (กวาด) = to sweep up
thawn (ถอน) = to pull out
dtruad (ตรวจ) = to check
thaa see (ทาสี) = to paint
waan med phan-pheud (หว่านเมล็ดพันธุ์พืช) = to sow seeds
dtad yaa (ตัดหญ้า) = to mow the lawn
thaang yaa (ถางหญ้า) = to clear away grass
lem dton-maai (เล็มต้นไม้) = to prune / to trim plants
kud lum (ขุดหลุม) = to dig a hole
bpluuk dton-maai (ปลูกต้นไม้) = to plant
bpluuk pheud-phak suan krua (ปลูกพืชผักสวนครัว) = to grow vegetables
thawn yaa rok (ถอนหญ้ารก) / thawn wad-cha-pheud (ถอนวัชพืช) = to pull out weed
sai bpui (ใส่ปุ๋ย) / waan bpui (หว่านปุ๋ย) = to sow fertilizer
dtruad sa-phaab din (ตรวจสภาพดิน) = to check soil condition
rod-naam dton-maai (รดน้ำต้นไม้) = to water plants
rod-naam sa-naam-yaa (รดน้ำสนามหญ้า) = to water the lawn
thaa see rua baan (ทาสีรั้วบ้าน) = to paint the fence
aab-daet (อาบแดด) = to sunbathe
nawn-len (นอนเล่น) = to take a lie down