Thai Word of the Day: “garn-deuhn-thaang” (การเดินทาง)

“garn-deuhn-thaang” (การเดินทาง) can be used in the following ways:

noun: trip / travel / journey

The noun “garn-deuhn-thaang” (การเดินทาง) is an occasion when you go somewhere and come back again.


dtawn-nee, garn-deuhn-thaang ra-waang bpra-thed gam-lang kad-kawng
(At the moment, international travel is currently interrupted)

garn-deuhn-thaang dtaang-bpra-thed mai keuy deung-dood-jai kao leuy jun-gra-thang kao gae-sian
(Foreign travel never really appealed to him until he retired)

phaw-mae kawng-chan gam-lang waang-phaen garn-deuhn-thaang bpai dtaang-bpra-thed bpen krang raek
(My parents are planning their first trip abroad)

gra-suang garn-dtaang-bpra-thed nae-nam hai bpra-chaa-chon leek-liang garn-deuhn-thaang bpai dtaang-bpra-thed
(The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that citizens avoid a journey abroad)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK