Thai Word of the Day: “kwaam-ruam-meu” (ความร่วมมือ)

“kwaam-ruam-meu” (ความร่วมมือ) can be used in the following ways:

noun: cooperation

The noun “kwaam-ruam-meu” (ความร่วมมือ) refers to a situation in which people or organization work together to achieve a result that will benefit all of them.


phuak-rao bpreuam-bpee-dti bpen-yaang-ying sam-rap kwaam-ruam-meu kawng dtam-ruad
(We are very grateful for the cooperation of the police)

phuak-kao gam-lang tham-ngaan hai kwaam-ruam-meu yaang-glai-chid gap sam-nak-ngaan garn-thawng-thio Ang-grit
(They are working in close cooperation with the British Tourist Authority)

naa-yok-ra-ta-mon-dtree kaw kwaam-ruam-meu jaak bpra-chaa-chon ngud jad git-ja-gam lae garn chum-num nai chuang-nee
(The Prime Minister asked for cooperation from the people to refrain from organizing activities and gatherings at this time)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK