Thai Word of the Day: “mai lung roy” (ไม่ลงรอย)

“mai lung roy” (ไม่ลงรอย) can be used in the following ways:

phrase: don’t get alone / don’t get on

The phrase “mai lung roy” (ไม่ลงรอย) is used for saying that two people do not have a good relationship.


phaw-liang lae chan mai lung roy gan
(My stepdad and I don’t get alone)

kao mai lung roy gap luuk-sao kawng-kao
(He doesn’t get on with his daughter)

phuak-rao mai koi lung roy gan chuang-nee
(We haven’t been getting on recently)

John lae nawng-sao kawng-kao mai lung roy gan
(John and his younger sister don’t get along)

chan mai koi lung roy gap sa-mee kawng phee-sao kawng-chan
(I don’t really get along with my sister’s husband)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK