Thai Word of the Day: “man-sai” (หมั่นไส้)

“man-sai” (หมั่นไส้) can be used in the following ways:

verb: to disapprove / to disgust / to irritate / to dislike

The verb “man-sai” (หมั่นไส้) is used for saying that someone’s behaviour makes someone else feel annoyed or impatient. Please beware that there is no direct translation for this word in English. In my opinion, “to irritate” is the closest translation for this word.


man kae reuang lek-lek noy-noy thee reuhm tham hai chan man-sai faen
(It’s only the little things that begins to irritate me about my boyfriend)

ter chawb uad waa faen kawng-ter law lae ruay jun phuak-pheuan-pheuan man-sai
(She likes to show off that her boyfriend is handsome and rich until it irritates her friends)

chan man-sai ter maak thee tham-gi-ri-yaa dee-jai geun-kuan meua kao chuan ter bpai gin-kaao duay
ฉันหมั่นไส้เธอมากที่ทำกิริยาดีใจเกินควร เมื่อเขาชวนเธอไปกินข้าวด้วย
(I dislike that she acted overly excited when he invited her out to eat)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK