Thai Word of the Day: “sia bpriab” (เสียเปรียบ)

“sia bpriab” (เสียเปรียบ) can be used in the following ways:

phrase: to be at a disadvantage

The phrase “sia bpriab” (เสียเปรียบ) is when you have a problem or difficulty that makes it difficult for you to succeed than other people.


krai-gaw-dtaam thee mai kun-keuy gap internet ja sia bpriab
(Anyone not familiar with the Internet is at a serious disadvantage)

jud-kaeng kawng baw-ri-sat tham hai koo-kaeng sia bpriab yaang maak
(The strength of the company puts competitors at a great disadvantage)

phuak dek-dek jaak krawb-krua thee yaak-jun sia-bpriab yaang chad-jane
(The children from poor families are clearly at a disadvantage)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK