Thai Word of the Day: “sum-saam” (ซุ่มซ่าม)

“sum-saam” (ซุ่มซ่าม) can be used in the following ways:

adjective: is clumsy

The adjective “sum-saam” (ซุ่มซ่าม) is used to describe a person who often has accident because they do not behave in a careful or controlled way, and usually breaks things or knocks against them.


tham-mai khun sum-saam jang?
(Why are you so clumsy?)

phom sum-saam maak – phom tham kawng dtok dta-lawd way-laa
ผมซุ่มซ่ามมาก ผมทำของตกตลอด
(I’m so clumsy – I keep dropping things)

nan bpen gaeo bai thee saam thee khun tham dtaek aa-thid nee – khun sum-saam maak!
นั่นเป็นแก้วใบที่สามที่คุณทำแตกอาทิตย์นี้ คุณซุ่มซ่ามมาก
(That’s the third glass you’ve smashed this week – you’re so clumsy!)

Li Morrissey
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK