Thai Word of the Day: “bpra-naam” (ประณาม)

“bpra-naam” (ประณาม) can be used in the following ways:

verb: to condemn / to criticise / to reproach

The verb “bpra-naam” (ประณาม) is used for saying that someone is criticising someone else for doing something wrong.


– kao bpra-naam garn-jad-garn gap wi-grit kawng rad-ta-baan
(He criticized the government’s handling of the crisis)

– phreu-dti-gam thee sawn-ren kawng-kao aeng thee bpra-naam kao
(His secretive behaviour condemned him)

– ter thuuk bpra-naam nai reuang garn-sa-daeng kwaam-kid-hen kawng-ter gio-gap phoo-sa-mak
(She was condemned for her comments about the candidate)

– baw-ri-garn thaang sang-kom thuuk bpra-maan yaang-gwaang-kwaang waa mai dam–neuhn-garn dai-dai maak gwa ne pheua-thee-ja bpok-bpong dek thee mee kwaam-siang
(Social services were widely criticized for not taking more action to protect children at risk)

Practice Exercise: Practice putting your newly learned word into a sentence by translating the following sentences below.

1. You’ve no reason to reproach yourself.
2. She reproached him for breaking his promise.
3. He’s still reproaching himself for the accident.
4. Everyone condemned her for being cruel to her child.
5. The novel was criticised by the critics for being too political.

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