Thai Word of the Day: “dtaek-yaek” (แตกแยก)

“dtaek-yaek” (แตกแยก) can be used in the following ways:

verb: to split up / to be separated / to become divided / to be disunited / to be torn apart / to be broken apart

The verb “dtaek-yaek” (แตกแยก) is used for saying that something has caused a group of people to disagree about something, or to split into small groups.


– sa-tha-na-garn nee tham hai krawb-krua dtaek-yaek
(This situation has split up the family)

– tuk-kon nai glum dai dtaek-yaek gan duay reuang thod bpra-harn chee-wid
(Everyone in the group has become divided over the issue of capital punishment)

– phom bpen kon-dio thee phom roo waa mai dai ma jaak krawb-krua thee dtaek-yaek
(I’m the only guy I know who isn’t from a broken home)

– meua garn-rian job-lung, nak-rian tuk-kon gaw dtaek-yaek bpen glum lek-lek pheua haa-reu gio-gap bod-rian
เมื่อการเรียนจบลง นักเรียนทุกคนก็แตกแยกเป็นกลุ่มเล็กๆเพื่อหารือเกี่ยวกับบทเรียน
(At the end of the lesson, all the students split up into small groups to discuss about the lesson)

Practice Exercise: Practice putting your newly learned word into a sentence by translating the following sentences below.

1. She comes from a broken home.
2. These issues had disunited the party.
3. My parents were separated when I was 16.
4. The hiring committee is divided on this candidate.
5. Two best friends were divided by internal conflicts.

Miss Urai Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Personal Tutor
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