Thai Word of the Day: “geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด)

“geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด) can be used in the following ways:

adjective: is overdue

The adjective “geun-gam-nod” (เกินกำหนด) is used for saying that something should have been done before now.


– luuk kawng-ter klawd geun-gam-nod see aa-thid
(Her baby was born four weeks past the due date)

– nang-seu hawng-sa-mud kawng-chan geun-gam-nod neung sap-daa
(My library books are a week overdue)

– phuak-rao jam-bpen-dtawng riak geb ngeuhn thee geun-gam-nod cham-ra
(We need to collect any overdue payments)

– khun geun-gam-nod bpai naan laeo sam-rap garn-dtruad suk-ka-phaab fan
(You’re long overdue for a dental check-up)

Practice Exercise: Practice putting your newly learned word into a sentence by translating the following sentences below.

1. This debate is long overdue.
2. This change is long overdue.
3. For me, the goal was long overdue.
4. We all agree that refurbishment is long overdue.
5. I’ll go home and pay an overdue visit to my mother.

Miss Urai Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Personal Tutor
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