Thai Word of the Day: “kawng” (ของ)

“kawng” (ของ) can be used in the following ways:

noun: thing

The word “kawng” (ของ) is a noun meaning “thing” or “things”. It is also used with other words in order to create nouns related to objects.

Structure: kawng + verb / noun / adjective = nouns for object

– kawng + len (to play) = kawng-len (ของเล่น) = toy (things we can play with)
– kawng + chai (to use) = kawng-chai (ของใช้) = utensils (things we can use)
– kawng + gin (to eat) = kawng-gin (ของกิน) = foodstuff (things we can eat)
– kawng + gin (to eat) + len (to play) = kawng-gin-len (ของกินเล่น) = snack
– kawng + faak (to entrust) = kawng-faak (ของฝาก) = souvenir
– kawng + kwan (morale) = kawng-kwan (ของขวัญ) = present / gift
– kawng + bplawm (is fake) = kawng-bplawm (ของปลอม) = counterfeit / fake (things that are fake or not authentic)
– kawng + tae (is genuine) = kawng-tae (ของแท้) = authenticity (things that are real or authentic)
– kawng + jing (is true) = kawng-jing (ของจริง) = authenticity (things that are real or authentic)
– kawng + leow (is liquid) = kawng-leow (ของเหลว) = liquid (things that are in liquid form)
– kawng + kaeng (is solid / is hard) = kawng-kaeng (ของแข็ง) = solid (things that are hard)


– chan ja seu kawng-len hai luuk-chai sam-rap wan-geud bpee nee
(I am going to buy my son a toy for his birthday this year)
– kao seu kawng-kwan ma hai chan jaak bpra-thed Thai
(He bought me a present from Thailand)
– man mai chai kawng-tae, man bpen kawng-bplawm!
(It’s not authentic, it a fake!)
– khun yak dai kawng-gin-len arai jaak dta-laad?
(What snacks do you want from the market?)

Li Morrissey
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK