Thai Word of the Day: “phood-bpen-nai” (พูดเป็นนัย)

“phood-bpen-nai” (พูดเป็นนัย) can be used in the following ways:

verb: to hint / imply

The verb “phood-bpen-nai” (พูดเป็นนัย) is used for saying what you are thinking or feeling in an indirect way. We can also use “bawk-bpen-nai” (บอกเป็นนัย). Often the word “nai” (นัย) will be repeated twice, too.


khun gam-lang bawk-bpen-nai waa chan uan reuh?
(Are you implying that I’m fat?)

kao phood-bpen-nai waa kao ad-ja yaai bpai Canada
(He’s hinted at the possibility of moving to Canada)

kao bawk-bpen-nai-nai waa man bpen kwaam-phid-plaad kawng-chan
(He implied that the error was mine)

mae phood-bpen-nai waa ter ad-ja jaai kaa deuhn-thaang bpai Mexico hai chan
(Mum’s hinted that she might pay for my trip to Mexico)

jao-naai kawng-chan phood-bpen-nai waa chan gam-lang dai-rap garn-pi-jaa-ra-naa leuan-kan
(My boss hinted that I’m being considered for promotion)

Li Khomkham
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK