Thai Word of the Day: “sawb-thaam” (สอบถาม)

“sawb-thaam” (สอบถาม) can be used in the following ways:

main verb: to query / to inquire

The verb “sawb-thaam” (สอบถาม) is used when someone asks a question about something because they have doubt about it, or to ask someone for information about something.

– sawb-thaam reuang (สอบถามเรื่อง) = to query about / to inquire about
– sawb-thaam waa …. reu-mai (สอบถามว่า….หรือไม่) = to query whether / to inquire whether


– man mai chai sam-rap phuak-rao thee ja sawb-thaam garn-dtad-sin-jai kawng-kao
(It is not for us to query his decision)
– phuak-rao sawb-thaam waa ngaan dai rap garn-thaam yaang thuuk-dtawng reu-mai
(We query whether the job had been done properly)
– tham-mai khun mai thoo-ra-sap rong-la-korn lae sawb-thaam reuang dtua?
(Why don’t you telephone the theatre and inquire about tickets?)
– phom kien pheur sawb-thaam waa khun mee dtam-naeng arai reu-mai
(I am writing to inquire whether you have any positions available)

Li Morrissey
Course Co-ordinator & Tutor
Thai Language Tuition UK