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TLT-UK Tutoring Agreement.


Creating effective language teaching and learning sessions

“Each time I enter the classroom, I set out to teach an effective lesson because I want to present a lesson that motivates students, provides useful and relevant language practice, as well as helps the students gain confidence in using Thai.

In order to achieve this, I often spend a lot of time preparing lesson plans and activities before hand. Please take a few minutes to read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of this tutoring agreement before booking your One-to-One Introductory Session.”

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Ms. Li Morrissey (Personal Tutor & Course Co-ordinator)

Important Notice:

Thai Language Tuition UK is not an accredited college and by taking the English for Speakers of Thai Language Courses with me will not present you with recognized qualifications required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your visa application. Thai Language Tuition UK aimed only to help and prepare clients for the exams or test through tutoring sessions.

Tutoring is a partnership and a clear understanding of the responsibilities involved in tutoring is the first step towards a successful tutoring experience. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions provided to students, I have drawn up this Tutoring Agreement to highlight the agreements and expectations that I have.

Before a place can be offered and confirmed you are expected to….

  • Attend a One-to-One Introductory Session.
  • Pay the one-off registration fee of £60.
  • Pay the tuition fee in advance for the first scheduled tutoring session.

Please note: At no circumstances the registration fee will be refunded once a place has been allocated and all the information have been provided by me.

Tuition fee MUST always be paid “One Week” in advance by Bank Transfer so you are always booked in for your next tutoring session.
Therefore, you are expected to….

  • Set up a weekly bank transfer with your bank (details will be provided at the time of your course registration).
  • Pay a “Late Fee Charges” of £2 per week until all the outstanding fees have been paid (invoice will be sent to you each week).

Please note: Students who consistent failed to pay their tuition fees will be dropped from the tutoring schedule, so the slots can be given to other students who are more committed to their studies.

To make the most of each tutoring session, you are expected to….

  • Schedule tutoring session to occur at least once per week.
  • Arrive on time for each scheduled tutoring session.
  • Come prepared with all necessary course material, such as workbook, notepad, pens, completed homework assignment and specific questions.
  • Be active participants during the tutoring session.

Please note: Students who have two “no shows” or repeated cancellations will be dropped from the tutoring schedule.

If you must arrive late for the scheduled tutoring session due to unavoidable circumstances, you are expected to….

  • Contact me as soon as possible by calling or texting to 07854628976.

Please note: The tuition fee is calculated according to the time stipulated in the schedule, and no adjustment shall be made for the time lost because of late arrival by the student. However, I may agree to extend the tutoring session to cover the amount of time that was lost through the late arrival, if possible to do so.

You will be considered a “no show” if you miss the scheduled tutoring session without calling to notify me. In such case, you can be expected to….

  • 1st No Show: receive an e-mail or a text, reminding you of the policy, and advising you that you are being subjected to the “no show policy”.
  • 2nd No Show: receive an e-mail or a text, informing you that you have been removed from my tutoring schedule.

Please note: This No Show Policy is necessary to safeguard bookings and allow me to fulfill any vacant slots for other students who are more committed to their studies.

If you must cancel a scheduled tutoring session, you are expected to….

  • Contact me as soon as possible, at least 24 hours prior to tutoring session due to begin.
  • Re-schedule the tutoring session to a more agreeable time with no penalty when 24 hours notice is given.
  • Pay the full (100%) tuition fee for the cancelled tutoring session if you cannot re-schedule the tutoring session that week.
  • Pay the full (100%) tuition fee for that cancelled tutoring session if less than 24 hours is given.

Please note: For students attending Group Classes, please check the Weekly Class Time to re-schedule to a more agreeable class time. In the case of Private Tuition, the re-scheduling depends largely on my availability, and students will be expected to pay the full (100%) tuition fee if a more agreeable time cannot be reached. However, students will have the opportunities to make up the time later on.

If you wish to take a break from your course of study, you are expected to….

  • Give me at least one week notice.
  • Keep your usual weekly tutoring days and times, if taking leave no more than two weeks.
  • Be aware that your usual tutoring days and times cannot be kept open, if you are going to be away for more than two weeks at any one time.

Please note: Students who have been away for more than two weeks will be asked to re-register for the course upon their return. In case of Private Tuition, students will be required to pay the full (100%) tuition fee for those weeks on holiday in order to keep their usual tutoring days and time.

If you need to terminate the tutoring agreement, you are expected to….

  • Provide me with at least one week notice.
  • Be responsible for remaining tutoring sessions scheduled during your final week.

Please remember that cancellations and rearrangements can be very disruptive for me as a personal tutor. As protection against unexpected loss of income, and compensation for the loss of alternatively work, I hope that this is acceptable and that all students appreciate the reasons for such policy.

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